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Leaving Glasshill Street and Pastures New…

final studio

The sun has gone down on Glasshill Street Studio for the last time. After three wonderful years in this studio the property developers are finally moving in and it’s time for pastures new.

We had two fabulous summer Open studios with much celebrating and ceramic feasting, we grew vegetables in the sunny yard, talked art and spent many hours making pots with the sun streaming in through the fabulous stable doors. The two years promised at Glasshill Street turned into three, so all in all these studios have been magical.

Finding the right studio is all about timing and in the search for another haven to put down roots, a very timely offer is taking me down an exciting and lively route. Over the summer from mid June I’ll be working as part of the North Street Potters collective in Clapham. As I teach with their sister organisation, Clapham Pottery, working as part of this team of funky urban potters will be a treat.

I’ll be using this time to experiment with tableware and glazes, but will still be taking commissions so don’t hesitate to contact me if there is something specific you want.  Or, come pay a visit to this Pandora’s box of a pottery shop.

Thanks to all who visited Glasshill Street, we were sad to see it go but I am excited to me moving on. I’m looking forward to working in the thriving environment of North Street and in the company of these potters…and after the summer? Something else will unfold..