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Setting up studio in the Pyrenees

New studio new kiln

New studio new kiln

At the end of August 2013 after completing a summer of fun and intense throwing at North Street Potters in Clapham, we decided to leave the UK. Direction? France.

We meandered in the direction the wind blew us and have come to rest in the beautiful village of Luz Saint Sauveur in the Hautes Pyrenees.  Here we’ve found an idyllic little studio and have spent this year settling in, gradually building the studio, finding suppliers and tackling the language! A learning curve indeed!

The new studio has a new kiln which has already been worked hard. The Tour de France comes though our village in July and being a cycle nut I am very excited. This has been reflected in last nights kiln load and through the introduction of glaze pens. FUN! The possibilities in this stunning location seem abundant, so I’ll keep you up-dated with progress and developments……

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