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Teaching Michel Roux at the Clapham Pottery Fundraiser

Being part of the teaching team at Clapham Pottery it was my great pleasure to take part in our fundraising event yesterday.

The weather treated us splendidly shining for most of the day on Raku firings, pot sales, cake competitions and auctions.

As a thrower I was embedded inside the pottery studio with a team of workers. We sweated our way over the afternoon teaching 250 excited members of the community how to throw a pot! The star guest of Keep Clay in Clapham was local celebrity chef Michel Roux who threw quite a respectable pot under my tutorage before dashing off the judge the cake competition!

keeping clay in clapham


The afternoon was a great success bringing Clapham Pottery closer to buying it’s building and indeed, keeping clay in Clapham!

Feel free to donate through the Clapham Pottery website.