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The joys of making a beautiful new BUTTER DISH.

I’d been avoiding creating a butter dish for a while. Who knows why? Maybe because it involved making one too many components? Or maybe because I throw round when the dish should be rectangular?

Finally I succumbed and gave it a go as a long awaited present for my husband. What a joyful moment it was opening the kiln yesterday evening to this shiny fluid vessel. From start to finish and into the future there are many joys in ceramics; one of the most exciting is always the opening of the kiln. Another is the satisfaction felt in creating a piece that functions and fits well, the dome fits snugly into the beautifully flat dish. The next in this case is the pleasure in realising the butter dish as a new centrepiece on the breakfast table.

Finally, the butter dish has already been admired and requested so I’m off to make some more!